Design Strolls tracks the curious meanderings of a vintage
inspired graphic designer. That would be me. Natalie Stern. Passionate paper
crafter and mom by day. Design explorer whenever else there’s a free moment.
Some days have more free moments than others.

Inspiration is everywhere – especially at the vintage markets,
antique stores and historic homes I like to frequent. It’s these adventures
along with the little strolls through life that lead to my design outbursts. Ah,
the little strolls in life. The early morning cuddles with my daughter, Little
Bug; curling up with a new book together; searching for the perfect ribbon;
sipping morning cups of coffee with my
husband, Mr. Mountaineer; taking walks around the neighborhood; rearranging our
apartment to fit my newest design inspiration; experimenting in the kitchen; long
dinners with good friends and a glass of wine; converting our dining room table
into a craft space for my latest creation… these are the strolls that bring
my designs together. Please come along as we take these strolls and see what
new things you can discover too.

Feel free to email me at designstrolls@gmail.com if you have any questions,
comments, or just want to say hi!